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LISTEN AND FOLLOW US ON APPLE MUSIC See u all on our forthcoming shows March 2023, in Greece!!!!! Athens event: ⫸ Thessaloniki event: ⫸ #metal #melodicdeathmetal #liveshow #espguitars #seymourduncan #elixirstrings #ebs #paistecymbals #trickdrumsusa #balbexdrumsticks #presonus #toontrack #dixondrums #gruvgear #amtelectronics #nologopics

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Online tickets for the 2 Greek shows out now!!!!

You can find now online tickets and hard copy tickets for our 2 forthcoming shows in Greece!!! Check the link below!!!!!! SEE U ALL THERE METAL MANIACS!!!!! Athens event: ⫸ Thessaloniki event: ⫸ Ηλεκτρονικά εισιτήρια ⫸ Αθήνα:…/nightrage-sarissa-aetherian-live… Θεσσαλονίκη: Φυσικά HARD COPY εισιτήρια τις επόμενες ημέρες στα[…]

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New album news!!!!!!

We are so excited to announce that we have written already 11 new songs, still on demo stage and still developing, for the next Nightrage album and we cant wait to fine tune them this May when Marios Iliopoulos travel to Sweden, for the last composing stage with Magnus Söderman[…]

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LISTEN AND FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY!!!!!!! You can listen all of our discography 9 albums and all singles, on our page!!!! SHARE AND LIKE THIS POST LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW!!!!!! GREEK SHOWS IN MARCH 2023 Athens event: ⫸ Thessaloniki event: ⫸ #SPOTIFY #metal #melodicdeathmetal #liveshow #espguitars #seymourduncan[…]

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Sarrisa added on our Greek shows!!!!

So happy to share the stage with one of the most legendary bands in Greece the mighty Sarissa !!!!!!! In memory of our metal brother Jim Selalmazidis Thanks to Crystal Tears that helping our warriors!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see u all maniacs there!!!! Athens event: ⫸ Thessaloniki event: ⫸[…]

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Nightrage Greek shows in 2023!!!!!!

THIS IS IT MANIACS. WE ARE COMING IN GREECE in 2023!!!!!!!! 10th of March 2023 in Temple Athens 11th of March 2023 at Eightball Thessaloniki with great support acts to be announced soon!!!!!! Thanks to Golden R. Festival for organizing the 2 events below: Athens event: ⫸ Thessaloniki event:[…]

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