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Marios Iliopoulos Heavy Music HQ Interview

Marios Iliopoulos new interview talking about the new album!!

One of the more prolific and reliable purveyors of melodic death metal despite an oft-changing lineup, Greek/Swedish outfit Nightrage return with their tenth album, Remains Of A Dead World. We sat down with long-time guitarist Marios Iliopoulos to find out more.

How did the band approach the new album from a songwriting perspective? Has your songwriting approach evolved much throughout the years?

Everything starts with me and Magnus Söderman guitars) jamming our ideas and making songs together. All the music comes from these sessions. We are writing really good demos with all instruments, digital drums, etc, so we have a good idea what kind of songs we have in our arsenal. This is actually the fourth album now we are writing together and the chemistry is always there, and the whole thing goes very natural and smooth without any stress or pressure. I want to give credit to Fotis Benardo on this album since he worked a lot with the mixing, recording and helping us with the arrangements. He gave us a really unique and cool mix and sound in the end.