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Greek metal Hammer
The work that has been done in the compositions, songwriting and production (by Fotis Benardo, an old acquaintance of the group (now back in the band) since he had taken over the drums on the second album), the mix, in general, is incredible, the level has risen to unimaginable heights.
(Vasilis Mazaris)

They’ve been reliable purveyors of melodic death metal, and Remains of A Dead World is their tenth full-length. The end result is an unapologetically melo-death record
Some bands just don’t get the breaks, regardless of the consistent quality of their output. But Nightrage haven’t let that deter them.
(Brendan Crabb)

Currently one of the best melodic death metal LPs of 2024, “Remains of a Dead World” breaks the backs of those – including the writer – who considered Nightrage a subdued band, incapable of raising the bar from a quiet mediocrity.
All that remains is to sprinkle ashes on your head and change your opinion.
(Daniele “dani66” D’Adamo)

Hang on to your hats, it’s a complete and utter raging beast and a thumper that proves the incendiary nature of the album is kept up to the very final notes. A solid album through and through but did we really expect anything else?
(Pete Woods)

So,beyond having an album that breaks the mold of Melodic Death Metal, you have an album that knows how to motivate you to keep listening to it in every sense and that is quite important for this type of music to continue existing with new productions and new details.

And so there is something for everyone: fast bangers, grooving stompers to hymnic, almost stadium-rocking melodic death hits, as well as a few smaller surprises
Fans of NIGHTRAGE and the bands mentioned can – and actually should – buy this blindly. Even if they never quite achieved that status, the Greeks are still among the greats of the genre.

the other hand, the arrival of Konstantinos Togas at the front has made Nightrage exceed the expectations of general critics, since his guttural voice brings just the right amount of power to his task of breaking hearts and minds at the same time
The main architect of most of the compositions, Marios Iliopoulos does not disappoint in choosing the best riffs and melodies so that the listening public feels identified with the rage and fury of the old school death style with modern tints

So Nightrage are more inspired, creative and dynamic than ever. “Remains of a dead world” gives you a dystopian note about today’s world, especially at the end of the composition of the same name
The group has bonded for good, the new singer sounds like he’s been in the band for years. Marios continues very successfully what he has been doing for the last 34 years with an abundance of honesty, passion and love for a genre that has grown generations. “Remains of a dead world” is an excellent album.
(Kiriakos Athanasiadis)

Deadliest Sin for instance is a brooding number that boils with rage, the dynamics and anger highlighted by Fotis Benardo’s killer production/mixing skills.An in demand producer so understands Nightrage, capturing their melodeath muscle perfectly, the clarity and razor sharp sound given by George Nerantzis’ mastering
With another record of laser focussed melodeath and the best singer they have had, they are in the top echelon of their class.
(Matt Bladen)

It was heavy metal, it was melodic death metal. It didn’t matter the genre, for the result was crushing upon the soul and senses. He had become a part of the whole, as the electronic guitar slowly but surely crushed his sanity into tiny pieces. As the drum set battered away into the night, we discovered the entire city’s ghastly population attempting to find the sound… the remains of a dead world.

Guitarists Marios Iliopoulos and Magnus Söderman once again demonstrate that they are an impressive songwriting duo. Their chemistry is evident in every track, combining intricate riffs with powerful harmonies.
«Remains Of A Dead World» was recorded at the “Devasoundz Studio” in Athens, Greece, where former bandmate (now back in the band) Fotis Benardo took over production. Benardo’s experience with bands such as Rotting Christ, SEPTICFLESH and NIGHTFALL ensures a sophisticated yet heavy production that captures the essence of Nightrage’s sound. This proves once again that they are at the top of their game and have delivered an album that will hopefully stand the test of time.
Oliver H.