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Welcome back Fotis

Hey all
Brothers and sisters

George Stamoglou has announced his departure from the band, for personal reasons, and we wish him the best on his future endeavors.
But on the contrary we have some amazing news to announce for all of you beloved Nightrage friends!!!!

Our long-time friend and old band-member mighty Fotis Benardo (NIGHTFALL SiXforNinE ex SEPTICFLESH
Is returning into the band ranks after 20 years, we didn’t expect that to happen, but I guess everything in life happens for a reason.
Fotis is an amazing musician and an absolutely great drummer, and we feel that he will give a great boost to our live performances and will help the band immensely on the next albums as producer, composer and now the drummer of the band.

He willingly wanted to help us on the forthcoming Japanese shows, when he heard the news and he showed us, first that he is the kindest person that loves Nightrage and music in general, and second that he is living for the music and that we are on the same page personally and musically, as everybody loves him to the death into the band.
He really loved and believed from the very beginning the new album, and was meant to be to come back into the band.
Welcome back Fotis and we can’t wait to start to play a lot of shows, and share all our old and newer songs with you, our great audience.
Stay tuned and see you all soon.

The NR crew!!!!!!!