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New reviews for our upcoming album
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Nightrage is above all Marios Iliopoulos the only survivor of the odyssey original, which sets the tempo accompanied by the faithful Swedish guitarist Magnus Söderman. Produced and mixed by Fotis Benardo (Rotting Christ, Nightfall, On Thorns I Lay, Suicidal Angels…), Remains Of A Dead World offers us as usual a melodic old school death perfectly mastered, like the single “Euphoria Within Chaos”. Other titles like “Persevere Through Adversity” or “Nocturnal Thorns” also prove to be extremely effective, with their riffs on raw chords strongly inspired by the Swedish melodic scene. THE growls of the new singer Konstantinos Togas are particularly successful, to believe that he has always been there. His arrival seems to have boosted Nightrage who masters perfectly there his death metal, combining power and melody.
Pascal Beaumont

Nightrage’s latest album, Remains of a Dead World, marks a determined return to their roots and stands out as one of their best – and certainly most consistent – works in their now twenty-three-year career. The Greek-Swedish melodeath metal stalwarts have consistently delivered powerful and uncompromising music, and this tenth studio effort reinforces their status as masters of their chosen genre.
Remains of a Dead World is not just an album; it is a statement. It speaks to the resilience and integrity of Nightrage as a band and their commitment to producing music that is both powerful and meaningful. Released later this month, this album is a must-listen for fans of melodic death metal and anyone who appreciates expertly crafted, emotionally charged music. Nightrage has once again proven that they are at the top of their game, delivering an album that will surely stand the test of time.
Alf-Inge Ingesson

Nightrage are restless spirits and prove it in every job. They have experimented enough and have cut their teeth many times. But everything was a lesson by showing at the end of the day their best selves. This self comes out here as well, an album with pain but also strength that shows that they will always come out unscathed no matter what happens. “Remains Of A Dead World” is not only a timely album with what we see around us, they give their heart and soul, showing the evolution and willingness to change at this stage of the group. The informal trilogy that opened with “The Venomous” and closed with “Abyss Rising” gave way to something more raw, rough but with a strong personality. The bar for the most honest, working class band of our country (and Sweden too), rises again, in a union of melody and violence.
John Hartzianotis