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Thanks so much for the review of our new upcoming album

“Remains Of A Dead World”

Marios Iliopoulos and (guitars) composed 10 pieces of modern melodic death metal, with an incredible groove and captivating vocals, which convey hopeful messages for the evolution of the genre. Nightrage don’t “camouflage” influences. Such an event is inherently impossible. Nightrage lead, not follow. They are influential themselves.
“Remains of a Dead World” is dominated by wonderful melodies. But his wild moods are not hidden. The record opens with the sweeping “Euphoria Within Chaos” and its addictive refrain. Here we are also introduced to the new singer of Nightrage, the voice of revelation, the Greek performer Konstantinos Togas
In “Remains of a Dead World”, which closes the album, George Stamoglou fully confirms those who consider him one of the best drummers all over the world. Simply mesmerizing, as in the rest of the disc and an excellent duo together with the master (bass) in the rhythm section.
I don’t know if “Remains of a Dead World” by Nightrage is the extreme metal record that will lead the developments. But I do know that it is a record with captivating production and mixing by Fotis Benardo  (Devasoundz Studios) and a mastering by the master of the genre George Nerantzis – Sound Engineer/Music Producer A material that for the first time in the history of Nightrage was produced entirely in Greece, by Greek contributors, either in its audio part or in the visual-visual part, for which Jon Toussas was recruited for the amazing cover and for the videos clips Bob Katsionis and Alexander Haritakis It was a conscious choice and at the same time a bet by Marios Iliopoulos, which, judging by the final result, was won in full!
Closing with the masterful lyrics of the record (Escalona, Togas, Iliopoulos), I will record it exactly as I feel it: This band, led by Marios Iliopoulos, never disappoints”

Themis Efthimiou.