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Legacy mag review of “Remains of a dead world” 13/15

We are so stoked we just got the first review of our upcoming album
“Remains Of A Dead World”

Thanks a million for that!!!!!

NIGHTRAGE “Remains Of A Dead World”
Genre: Melo Death
“Remains Of A Dead World” addresses humanity’s exploitation of the earth and its resources, which will inevitably lead to ruin and apocalypse. Despite warnings from many quarters, the inertia towards change for the better is unbearable. At least the critical voices are becoming more and more numerous. For a melodic death metal band, the conceptual approach offers a veritable starting point. NIGHTRAGE have already released their tenth long player since they were founded in 2000. Creative head and guitarist Marios Iliopoulos & Co. are tireless. The fact that there is a new frontman in the person of Konstantinos Togas (also Herta) is not initially noticeable. It’s always been that way with this group. Personnel changes accompany the development of NIGHTRAGE, but do not stop it. An adequate replacement was still quickly found. On the sound side, the changes never had a negative impact. Konstantinos Togas names his influences as Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Gojira and Dimmu Borgir. The quintet also demonstrates a wide range of styles, interpreting their Melo Death in an open-minded manner and informally integrating elements of other genres without diluting their focus. What stands out: NIGHTRAGE has never heard as much clean vocals as on “Remains Of A Dead World”, but the extension sounds coherent and enriches the result. Excellent riffing, outstanding melodies and compelling storytelling in every respect are a given with this group. Brutality, technique and memorable value are combined in the best possible way, so that you can be amazed when listening to the tracks on the album and still have them in your ears afterwards. Former band member Fotis Benardo (Rotting Christ, SepticFlesh, Sakis Tolis, Nightfall, On Thorns I Lay, Suicidal Angels) produced the album. NIGHTRAGE continue to be one of the most relevant acts in the melo-death genre that you can’t ignore! (AK)
13/15 points