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Nightrage – A Throne Of Melancholy (Official Music Video)

Here it is metal heads!!!
for our new song:

Marios Iliopoulos “We love great hooks and melodies, and I feel that this song has these 2 elements that we are always trying to portray on our songs, trying to find the perfect balance between ethereal melodies and big metal riffing.
The song structure is pretty simple and almost coming to the heavy metal territory, love Konstantinos vocals are very melodic and aggressive with nice overtones, and the chorus hits hard with mine and Fotis Benardo clean vocals, something that I’m trying for the first time on a Nightrage album.
The song talks about the fact that even if we are on our worst possible state in our life’s journey, there is a lot of hardships that we have to face every day in our lives, but we need to remember that there’s a light always shining for us at the end of the tunnel, and no matter what how many times we are down, we need always to find the inner power to stand up and face our fears and live our life for what it is, with courage and patience, with no darker corners and no agendas.”

Konstantinos Togas“The song “A throne of Melancholy” is one of the most melodic songs of our album. When I first listened to the melodies and heavy riffs that Marios came up in the guitar I instantly realized that this is a song that requires more colorful brutal vocals. Also, the clean vocals that Fotis Benardo and Marios did, enhance this melodic feeling even more without changing the origins of the song.
The lyrics of the song, are dark and gloomy as always, are about seeking hope in a dark state of self and overcoming sorrow.
The balanced combination of the above elements (melodic heavy riffs, colorful vocals and dark lyrics) is what fascinates me the most and proves to be the perfect recipe of a great melodic death metal song!”