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2 More reviews from our recent Greek shows !!!!

Check 2 more reviews from our recent shows from Thessaloniki and Athens.

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Third and last name for the night is Nightrage. I don’t know if Marios Iliopoulos had in his mind that the band would reach this day having released decent records and gaining the respect of many musicians around the world, but what is certain is that nothing happens by chance. Workhorses, unstoppable and always thirsty, Nightrage are deservedly among the strongest names in melodic death metal and this was shown with their performance on stage…/…

Professionals as well. as workers of their art, Nightrage both in concert and on the albums, they spit their blood for the best result, continuing the legacy of Gothenburg in their own way, while, exclusively in their Athenian appearance, from such a show, what’s left is sweat and the musical beating.

Photos by
Tasos Agapis Photography

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