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Thanks RockHard Greece

Thanks ROCK HARD GREECE for our discography tribute!!!!

“The year was 2000. The historical melodic death metal form Exhumation from the co-capital after three fantastic full-lengths (“Seas of eternal silence” — 1997, “Dance across the past” — 1998, “Traumaticon” — 1999), have disbanded . There, their guitarist Marios Iliopoulos founds a new formation, with a name taken from a track of “Traumaticon”. And NIGHTRAGE happened.
Without exaggeration, one of the most consistent bands of the last 20 years in melodic death metal. Since this year marks the 20th anniversary of their debut “Sweet vengeance”, and their upcoming appearance in Temple with Sarissa and Aetherian and in Thessaloniki with SARISSA and Psyanide Rock Hard took the opportunity to make a route in the discography of this great band.”