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The Temple Athens show reviews

Check some reviews from our recent show in Athens at the Temple club.

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Nightrage came today to remind us that they are not just a band that can comfortably stand next to the big bands of the Swedish death metal scene, but that they are one of them. This, combined with the modesty that governs Mario’s temperament, is a seminar on ethics for musicians. Guys lead by his example!
They came out with an unparalleled energy, incredibly charming servants of a melodic, purely northern European death metal. Professional appearance, unerring execution, solid stage presence, but above all communicatively familiar with the demands of the domestic audience who know how to read what is said to be more than any other. I emphasize this parameter to point out that the talent of Nightrage is original, and authentic.
But in addition, it was a night cut and sewn for devotees of melodic death metal. The historic NIGHTRAGE of Marios Iliopoulos, for the first time after almost 4 years in front of the Greek audience, with the Thessaloniki-based SARISSA adding the classic metal touch to the evening and the newcomers AETHERIAN completing the line up.
An example of how melodic death metal should be played today, but also how bands should perform in general, honoring each record.
George “Dino” Stamoglou is rampant on the drums and the Iliopoulos/Söderman duo on the guitars are absolutely coordinated, giving pain and making the audience headbang furiously. The first moshpit was formed in “Insidious”, while an even bigger one appeared in “Spiral”. They closed their amazing performance powerfully with “The Tremor”.
Nightrage gave a unique evening to the Athenian audience and proved once again what a great band they are. We can’t wait to hear their new work.
For the next 70 minutes Nightrage rocked the building. Kinetic, appetizing and communicative, the quintet, spearheaded by a very strong Ronnie Nyman, who really gave it all, and a high-quality Marios Iliopoulos, brought a lot of moshing and headbanging, especially in the first rows, with a variety of songs from their already large discography . There was also a bit of crowd surfing in ‘Spiral’, to add such a touch.

Φωτογραφίεα: Σπύρος Φατούρος

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