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Marios Iliopoulos metalview Interview!!!!

New interview with Marios Iliopoulos talking about the first album of the band Sweet Vengeance!!!!!

Thanks Metal View

-Did a record label like Century Media Records especially at that time help to recognize the band and promote your debut?


Look, this was all hopeless. I just had the vision, the appetite, the passion, the dream and I really believed in the ideas of my songs. It was something that fitted the melodic death metal concept as I had it in mind, and I wanted to pursue it as far as it would go. Of course having people like Tomas lindberg, who even today is a hero of mine in that sound, you don’t think you are experience it for real and that you can actually starting the band like that, he really liked the way I write. Century Media from the beginning believed in us and gave a strong boost, especially to a new band like us, where without even touring we sold 30,000 copies. Think back then we were a band without being a band, it was me only as the original member and then session musicians and friends. Strong trigger for what I had and did back then, and the company had seen something in us at that point!!!!

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