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Marios Iliopoulos Interview

Interview in GREEK with Marios Iliopoulos for the history of the band and the upcoming Greek shows!!!
Thanks and George Kallinis

-Do you remember at that time, what was the situation on the scene, especially on the scene in Thessaloniki?

Marios: There were many bands at the time trying to do something, the city scene was quite developing. It was a very nice atmosphere, then this Greek scene was born, which now we say “look how cool it is going”, since then this nice team started.
In fact, I think that from the actions that we made at that time, but also Rotting Christ and NIGHTFALL and others, we pulled the scene forward. Perhaps without even knowing it, we showed the scene what you have to do, to try to chase your dreams, to claim the future. We did three albums in total with Exhumation


Athens event: ⫸
Thessaloniki event: ⫸