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Marios Iliopoulos Interview at

“Today we have the great joy and the even greater honor to host on our portal the man in charge of the absolute melodic death metal band, the legendary Nightrage, the great artist and great man, Marios Iliopoulos.
Mario’s course over the years can only be enviable by any self-respecting metal musician. Since the 1990s, Marios has been creating metal experiences, first with the band Exhumation, with which he offered us three dynamic albums. The 2000s marked the turning point in Mario’s career with the founding of Nightrage, one of the world’s leading melodic bands. 20 whole years and nine fantastic albums after, Nightrage continue to give quality metal to their countless thousands of fans and we hope to continue for many more decades.

We deeply thank Marios for the great honor that made us spend some of his precious time to answer our questions so that the readers of can enjoy his thought and be known by those who do not already know him. I also warmly thank my very good friend and great musician Pantelis Daskalelos who helped me unimaginably in the selection and composition of the questions, resulting in the creation of an amazing interview. Without further ado, it’s time to listen to what Marios has to say and to hoard his every word.”