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Nightrage Interview at Rocknytt

INTERVIEW WITH Ronnie Nyman AT Rocknytt

Rocknytt’s interview series “Before Sweden Rock 2022” continues and the festival is fast approaching. The next band out is the melodic death metal band Nightrage. Rocknytt’s Effie Trikili asked some questions to the band’s singer Ronnie Nyman.

Few bands in Swedish melodic death metal are more cult than Nightrage. Or, mostly Swedish at least – the guitarist and bandleader Marios Iliopoulos started the band in Greece to later move to the idols At The Gates’ homeland Sweden. Nightrage’s membership list includes, like, “everybody who is anybody” on stage, and they have released nine albums since 2003, most recently the current “Abyss Rising” which is their fourth with singer Ronnie Nyman.