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Rockbladet review and video from Sweden Rock Festival

Thanks for the great video and review of our performance at Sweden Rock Festival

“Playing at the same time as Dave Mustaines Megadeth is of course not a thankful task. In Nightrage’s case, the Sweden Rock gig at Silja Stage is even more special, in that they were not even intended for the festival from the beginning, but instead had to step in for Grave, who was forced to cancel his gig. You can of course wish for slightly better conditions.
Nightrage, however, manages its hour in the spotlight well. In February, they released their new album “Abyss Rising” and when live gigs are now finally possible again, it is a golden opportunity for the band to now show themselves to a festival audience.
It shines through that the band themselves are aware that they have won a lottery despite the clash with Megadeth. It is still not too small a crowd of people who have gathered in front of the stage and I would say that this loyal audience gets value for money. Nightrage offers a nice mix of both old and new songs, it falls well on all fronts and the audience gets an intense and well-approved hour filled with angry death-metal as it is most effective.”