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More reviews for Abyss Rising!!!!

More great reviews are here for our new album ABYSS RISING, we are so happy that we get that sort of love and positivity so far, thanks so much!!!!!!!
The Heroic call to arms of False Gods and Shadows Embrace me, epitomize the albums ode to Dante’s Inferno , but the towering twin leads of Marios Iliopoulos and Magnus Soderman pierce through the shadows!!!!!

Abyss Rising is a final conclusion to Nightrage’s trilogy and one that any melodic death metal fan should be hooking into.

You can’t really blame Marios Iliopoulos for being persistent can you?
It aligns all the right punches, and all the right catchy hooks, at the right time….. with the right energy.

It’s good. I would even say it’s amazingly good. Nightrage’s 9th album offers everything that Swedish mdm loves (or hates) for.

While there is a small group of musicians still carrying on with the classic 90’s Gothenburg sound, Nightrage stands alone for the most part. Heavyweights such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and Soilwork have evolved into much different entities to varying degrees of success. But their evolutions took them away from the sounds that Nightrage are quite adept at making. Instead of being seen as a latecomer to the scene in the early 2000’s, Nightrage are now one of the few that’s left. Abyss Rising serves as a rather nice melodic companion piece to the highly aggressive Wolf To Man.

You do not change a successful recipe. This was followed by Nightrage and the result justifies them again. Abyss Rising is another quality addition to their discography that the friends of the melodic death metal should check out.

A work directed for all those who did not live in their own flesh the fantastic 90’s scene, in which the best melodic death in memory lived. We are facing an album that can be a top 5 within the band’s discography, it will have tough competition throughout the year, but it can get into a photo finish among the best albums of the year without any discussion.