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Thanks to the big German mags for the love!!!!

Thanks to the big German mags like
Giving us great reviews for our new album Abyss Rising!!!

Legacy at soundcheck nr 6
Hammer soundcheck at nr 5
Rock Hard soundcheck at nr 10

Rock Hard 8/10: “…if you’re in the mood for melodic death lead with a lot of oomph and a journey back in time to the late nineties and early noughties, this combo is exactly the right place for you. …. The guys do their job more than well …”

Metal Hammer soundcheck #5/30 (5/7 points): “During the […] 39 minutes, Marios Iliopoulos and his men present a lot of strong material and once again prove themselves to be a reliable force in heavily melodic, mainly growled death metal.

Legacy 10/15 (soundcheck #6/26): “…the command is “press the gas pedal”. ….but there are never any doubts about the energy level and the motivation of everyone involved.”

Break Out: “Anyone who likes Melodic Death Metal WITHOUT Keys, who likes ancient In Flames albums, will be happy here. In addition to three melodic, instrumental guitar interludes, there is simply good Melodic Death Metal, partly with a Heavy Metal touch, with not so rough growl…”