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Abyss Rising BIO:

Now the abyss reaches for us Coming to claim our sin!!!!
This is the latest opus in the band’s long career, the ninth album of a hellish path of many ups and downs, a path, that under normal circumstances easily could defeat any other band, but not Nightrage.

The new album is called ”Abyss Rising” and it’s the final realization and the last chapter of the dark conceptual story we followed through the previous 2 albums. We as humans has been speeding towards our inevitable end, our time is since long up and we are already in the hell that we have created for ourselves here upon mother earth.

The great songwriting trinity of Marios Iliopoulos, Ronnie Nyman and Magnus Söderman came back and what they have created is one of the best albums that Nightrage has ever done, more mature songwriting, more dark melodies and eerie brutal riffage, that is the core of the bands legacy. Ronnie complemented the songs with a brutal story of our demise and some of the best vocals that he ever created so far.

Great choruses with aggressiveness blended with dark melodies and layers of desperate clean background vocals to accompany the brutal growls makes this album sounds more mature and more metal than ever.

Songs like the title track “Abyss Rising” encompasses all the melody, aggression and great hooks that have come to be the essence of the melodic death metal genre. “Falsifying Life” and “Nauseating Oblivion” hits hard with the signature Nightrage melodies and riffs and stories of betrayal and pain.
Where “Pest Ridden Tide” and “Shadows Embrace Me” blends brutality along with ethereal melodies.

The addition of the super talented drum prodigy Dino George Stamoglou along with the brutal bass lines of Francisco Escalona creates the body and the foundation of this monster of an album, and the rhythm section hits hard and precise like there’s no tomorrow!!

The sound that comes from the hands of the magician and guru of the melodic death metal sound department Fredrik Nordstrom Studio Fredman is precise and glorious, and his mix-mastery is super powerful and makes this piece one of the best sounding albums in the bands history.

The Abyss is here claiming our sin and Nightrage is back with a vengeance!!!

Would you take a chance?

Beware Of The Abyss!!!!!!