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Swallow Me Marios and Dino Quotes!!!!

Marios Iliopoulos and Dino George Stamoglou about the new lyric video:

‘Mine and Magnus Guitar musical chemistry is really obvious here once again, blending a lot of different ideas that comes always from jam sessions, and focused on melody and hooks. We love to mix all these elements and add a lot of drama creating an amalgam of hooky riffs, brutal vocals, guitar harmonies and melodies into our songs, and “Swallow Me” once again is a great example of that! Ronnie talks this time about how our society have lost control and let religion guide us into false beliefs. This song is about religion. How we humans create a false belief in false gods to hide our own evil deeds behind. And religion is like a virus in our minds and in our society that grows bigger and bigger out of our own control.’ // Marios

‘Well, If anyone asked a Nightrage fan to describe the band with one single word, I am sure he would answer ”MELODY”. The same word describes ‘’Swallow me’’. Melodies blended with Heavy Metal riffs and strong Death Metal elements. It was really fun to record this song, as it’s obviously based on groovy parts and old-school heavy riffing. If you notice, my drum-parts have a really strong bonding with the rhythm guitars and bass. That, of course, was made in purpose, as I feel that with more simplicity on the drums, I am giving more space for the melodies to shine, as it was meant to be.’ // Dino