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Nice review of our new single!!!

For the cool review of our new single
Falsifying Life:
(Falsifying Life is urgent and endearing, tearing through harmonies and rhythms to win over even the most reluctant metal listeners.
Beginning hard, fast, and with unmissable passion, Falsifying Life promises to be an instrumental joyride from the get go. Rich timbres, melting harmonies and scathing vocals dash with assurance and might.
The verse drops off into the brief interpolation of a shiny clean, acting as a springboard into a refrain of towering harmonies and determined vocal chops.
Nightrage are tight and don’t mess around. Structural inflections, stops, starts and jolts characterise the otherwise relentless blast beat onslaught, always journeying to the rewarding pillory of massive harmonies.
Falsifying Life is performative and powerful, with a remarkable instrumental performance and cutting edge vocals throughout.
The energy is infectious and desirable for any fan of fast metal).