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Hello Maniacs
check our updated page for the P2 pedal from

AMT Electronics

that Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage
and Magnus Söderman using as a preamp distortion for any studio or live occasion!!!

Thanks to Amt Electronics for creating this amazing pedal.
Marios about the P2 pedal:
“This P2 preamp pedal it’s a wonder really, not only sounds amazing when we are playing live, but also, I’m able to record my demo guitars for the new album Abyss Rising, on my DAW when I’m sitting home, because the pedal has 3 different outputs and the tone, I get it’s really inspiring to make all demos sounds with a massive sound, and can make me play better.
You get Distortion for days and amazing feedback and harmonics, if you are a travelling musician or a recording musician and you need the best tone, that’s exactly you need in your pedal’s arsenal, a bomb of a pedal.”

Poster by

Dino George Stamoglou

Photo by

George Grigoriadis Photography