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Demo 2000 release and cover art!!

Here it is maniacs the cover and release date and track list for the upcoming DEMO 2000!!! Will be released on CD/Vinyl and Digital on 4th of December 2020 from our awesome label Despotz Records Cover art made by Revolver design Mastered by George Nerantzis Photos by Chris Kissadjekian NIGHTRAGE DEMO 2000 CD tracklist: 1. Macabre Apparition demo 2000 2. Ethereal Veils And Shrouds demo 2000 3. Poems Doomed To Oblivion demo 2000 4. At The Ends Of The Earth demo 2000 5. Gloomy Daydreams demo 2000 6. Frozen Halflight Atmosphere demo 2000 7. Circle Of Pain demo 2000 8. Hero In A World Of Demons demo 2000 9. Black Skies demo 2000 10.Gallant Deeds demo 2000 11.The Howls Of The Wolves (Instrumental) demo 2000 PREORDERS YOU CAN ORDER HERE: