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NIGHTRAGE is one of the most recognizable Melodic Death Metal bands. Founded in Greece and currently residing in Sweden, the quintet, led by the charismatic Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage, is not intimidated by the success achieved, proof of this is the perseverance of the musician who, after many changes of formation, remains true to his principles . The Nightrage are wolves in the skin of Men, or maybe not. We went to find out in this conversation with the leader of the band.
Interview: Nuno Lopes
“Heavy metal has no boundaries and Nightrage has been demonstrating this for years, in which their leader Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage has followed with conviction the idea of playing Swedish-style heavy metal, even moving to the Scandinavian country. Years have passed, the Nightrages have gained acclaim and a good dose of the public. Meanwhile Marios is back in Greece but part of the band is still there. We talked to the talkative frontman about this and other interesting questions!”
“It’s almost a little ironic. While In Flame’s brilliant star lost power in the machinery during the early 2000s, Nightrage was formed. About two decades later, it is the latter quintet that keeps the melodic death metal alive. With the tab at the top, it is a great mix of classic death metal elements combined with a dangerous groove and accurate hooks.Especially with the aggressiveness that whizzes through the seams like boiling steam. Wolf To Man is simply the perfect teaching material for educating today’s young people about the melodic death metal of the 1990s.”
Cecilia Wemgård

“Aside from a slightly hesitant song selection in the grumpy The Damned, everything – the aggressiveness of the rhythm section, the cunning guitar harmonies, and the singing attack are fired with an impressive finesse.”
Patrik Blomqvist
If someone finds himself missing In Flames before Reroute to Remain or Soilwork before Figure Number Five so look no more – Nightrage is your faithful beacon of melodic death metal – and has been for almost 20 years. The Swedish-Greek hybrid has always been a producer of high-quality metal but has wrestled with the identity because of an endless stream of member changes. However, with Ronnie Nyman (vocals) and Magnus Söderman (guitar) aboard Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage ship, songwriting has been given a clearer focus. 

“Nightrage is back with their eighth album Wolf to Man and it is a melodic death metal powerhouse. Many have compared Nightrage to In Flames, but on the new record, they are anything but.
Let us get some things out of the way first. Yes, their vocals sound very At the Gates and their sound and production is in Swedish death metal style. Neither of these things should detract one from appreciating their entrancing dual guitar melodies, specifically on “Disconnecting the Dots”, and the heavy standout “Starless Night”. I almost get a 1990s era Paradise Lost vibe, as the slower melody parts on these songs are gloomy and doomy in the best way possible.”
Jake Collier
“Already some classics of the new melodic death scene, we contacted Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage to talk about the band’s news, the new album and more things related to the Greek(Swedish) band.”
“While they’re not breaking any boundaries, they continue to show why they earned that vanguard spot; they’re one of the best go-to’s for a classically meat-and-potatoes melodeath approach you can find, and one of the few bands who have remained so consistent in this specific songwriting style over the years and had it work out for them. The appeal of Wolf To Man is almost undeniable on that front, and thus it’s an album that’s almost perfect for genre-hounds even if there’s an overwhelming sense of familiarity to it.”

“Like on every Nightrage album, so on “Wolf To Man,” the guitars impress both with their melodic ism and with the roughness they have, but also from the fact of how massive they sound on the final mix of the album. As far about the the solos here they are awesome.. The vocals, on the other hand, sound more mature than the previous two releases, reinforcing the fact that Ronnie Nyman has absolutely found his way and knows how to create the next big hit for his band.”
Nikos Siglidis

“The renewed Nightrage re-announces “present” and they convinced you, without much effort, by releasing one of their best records in recent years. I’m sure fans of Scandinavian melodic death metal will keep them company for a long time yet.”
Πάνος Κουτσουράδης

Honest, nostalgic melodic death metal

“Determination: this is the deep root of the Nightrage, Greek / Swedish band that for almost two decades (born in 2000) builds its own street paved with melodic death metal. Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage is the story and synthesis of a band that has lived through many seasons (and different faces), faithful to its inspiration. We got to talk to the Greek guitarist (although Australian by birth), discovering the secrets of “Wolf To Man”, the last born in the Nightrage house.”

With “Wolf To Man”, Nightrage delivers a highly orienting album. The grandiose melodic guitar work ensures that this album is not too hard to digest. “Wolf To Man” is an album that not only appeals to fans of melodic death metal, but also to the average open minded metal fan.
Koen Asaert

Nightrage always knows how to link melody and aggression to a nice groove. “God Forbid” or “Wolf To Man”, these are songs that invite you to head banging. In addition to the guitar work of the tandem Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage and Magnus Söderman, singer Ronnie Nyman also attracts attention with his sharp tone and aggressive approach. It gives the songs that extra sharp edge that they lift above average and shows that the band is serious. 

Wolf To Man feels like the snake biting it’s own tail, the circling back around to what began in the early nineties. Granted, it has modern production and flair; but the spirit of this genre is intact and that’s where my ears are most focused. I could easily jam this record a number of times and not get worn out on it, because In Flames haven’t made an album this good in years… I mean, Nightrage. 
Wolf To Man is definitely one of my personal favorite melodic death metal releases this year and it’s right up there with The Venomous.
Grim Lord

It takes you on a brutal, fist banging and melodic journey about the demise of mankind. 
“Wolf To Man” is a melodic death metal treasure for old and new listeners alike. Nightrage are not ones to mess with and the mighty strength from them is concrete evidence of this.
Warning: Not for the fainthearted or easily offended.
Lotty Whittingham

Nightrage are back with their latest and 8th studio release, WOLF TO MAN and a good one it is. 
These melodic death aficionados are back and back with a vengeance. 
And again, I may have to keep rolling through this one as well until it really sinks in as more than just a really good album by an extremely talented bunch of musicians. This one deserves all of your attention. 
John Haseltine

Multinational heavy metal heads Nightrage have just unleashed their eighth album “Wolf To Man”. This unlikely combination of Greek and Swedish musicians have showcased some amazing musicianship on their latest record and could have written one of the heaviest and most cohesive metal thrash records of 2019. 

The music delivers a delicate and well-balanced blend between brutality and melody, and also an intricate mix of thrashing riffs, airy instrumentals and hooking choruses to bang your fists to.

Rockhard Germany Interview

Marios Iliopoulos -Nightrage talks “Wolf To Man” with
the nice guys from Dead
“Bands that play pure, old school melodic death metal aren’t as easy to come by as they were in the past. Many have stopped playing, or incorporated more commercially-driven material to the point that they don’t sound like they used to. But Nightrage has been standing strong for pretty much two decades. With a sound that instantly grabs your ear – bringing in vicious riffs and catchy melodies, they have made their name on playing melodic death metal the way that the fans crave. We chatted with guitarist Marios Iliopoulos just prior to the release of new album Wolf to Man in order to discuss where the band is at, the revolving doors of members, and being considered one of the current flagbearers for the genre.”…
Also “Wolf To Man” is a true and strong Melodic Death album, which has gone straight through the Gothenburg school, but reveals a few new facets of the Greeks. So fans get full control and even a little more.
Max Wollersberger…/review-nightrage-com-wolf-to-ma…/…
Ronnie presents a strong and perceptible voice marrying well with the riffs and melodic solos of Marios. The year still is not half way but we can say that we are facing one of the best melodic death metal albums of 2019. Highlight is any song on this album but the track “God Forbid” is a metal anthem, Marios guitar is a second voice, the constant changes of pace during the song are fantastic.…/wolf-to-man-nightrage-desp…/…
Two years after The Venomous (2017), Nightrage has released, last March through Despotz Records, its eighth album Wolf to Man. Beautiful melodies, brutality and Nordic sounds, this new album will delight the followers of the melodic death scene of Gothenburg and fans of the combo led by the Greek Marios Iliopoulos.
In short, with this Wolf to Man, Nightrage explores new tracks and delivers a beautiful record. While assuming its membership in the sound of Gothenburg, the quintet, now based in northern Europe, claims his desire to stand out. Successful challenge!
Simon T.…/cd…/item/nightrage-wolf-to-man-2…
Within these almost twenty years in the scene, the band has to show albums that range from very good to excellent. A tradition like that remains in their eight full-length effort. With a sound that is easily recognizable, mostly because the melodies and riffs of their chief Marios are their trademark in a style that is not easy to stand out from the mass. Melodic death metal as it was once established from the holy trinity At The Gates/In Flames/Dark Tranquillity and Nightrage still remain true to it with a quality that many bands would pay for. 
As for the songs, it’s not easy to spot one that isn’t interesting. The album has only great compositions. The opener “Starless Night” with the terrific refrain, the awesome melody of “Desensitized” or dynamite tracks like “By Darkness Drawn”, “The Damned” and “Disconnecting The Dots” are only some examples in a killer release.
George Terzakis…/nightrage-wolf-to-man.htm…
Whatever I write about Marios Iliopoulos and his wonderful Nightrage band will again be a little bit comparative with what I feel with all their work, as long as they do not go, we are talking about eight albums in twelve years and of course mention the amazing past with the Greek Exhumation and their three top albums that made sense in the metal scene.
What I admit to Nightrage is the way they mastery combines the traditional heavy metal of his decade ’80 with Swedish death metal, but also a combination of talent and inspiration because otherwise not all of these incredible melodies are explained, we’re lucky to have bands like Nightrage that offering us art made of metal.
Karageorgiou Konstantinos…/1441-nightrage-wolf-to-m…
In general, the legends of Swedish melodic death are present quite a bit in the album, but through the personality filter of a stage veteran who respects the influence without ever overworking it.
Do not forget to mention the amazing cover that adorns the album. Like a Painting board.
In closing.
Those who loved NWOSDM will find here the main materials that made it a great and world-class item.
Τυροβολάς Στέφανος
Top production allows you to enjoy all the details that make up an extreme, compelling work, with songs that one after the other are one-two of melodic death.
It is therefore excellent the return for Nightrage, with an album that is placed quietly among the last Soilwork and Children Of Bodom, resulting surely among all the most classic, speaking of melodic death metal.
ALBERTO CENTENARI…/c…/nightrage-wolf-to-man-cd-review/
Although it was noted with their previous album that Nightrage had become stale and formulaic, the band have addressed this issue with their latest release by seriously expanding on their sound, each song here is ferocious, dripping with melodic hooks and memorable chorus’ that go a long way in showing that Nightrage have lost none of their bite.
Adam McCann…/nightrage-wolf-to-man
In short, the crew is showing off the fresh side of Melodic Death Metal, which does not sound like any other band or genre record. In a row, the guys are pounding us with a potpourri of the ever more missing Gothenburg Metal. 
Wonderful Gothenburg metal disc, which should not be missing in any household of Melodeath freaks.
Creative head and guitarist Marios Iliopoulos and his colleagues are tirelessly tempting melodic death with more facets and expressions – with success.
First and foremost, of course, it has to do with a Death Metal album. The careful enrichment, however, widens the horizon and substructure of the pieces; pay attention to the substance. NIGHTRAGE succeeds on “Wolf To Man” again to increase. Madness!

“Nightrage send to the competition the clear message that they are absolutely to be expected.”
“… a unique masterpiece … innovative, versatile and playful …”




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