Abyss Rising

1. Abyss Rising
2. Swallow Me
3. Nauseating Oblivion
4. Dance of Cerberus
5. Falsifying Life
6. Portal of Dismay (Interlude)
7. Shadows Embrace Me
8. 9th Circle of Hell
9. The Divergent
10. Cursed by the Gift of Sight
11. False Gods
12. Pest Ridden Tide
13. Silence of the Darkened Soul

CD/LP Digital 2022

Recorded at:
Studio Fredman, Nightrage studio and Candyrock studio.
Produced by Nightrage and Fredrik Nordstrom.

Mixed and Mastering by:
Fredrik Nordstrom.

Release by:
Despotz Records

Art by: Graphic No Jutsu