Presonus and Studio one 6 pro

PreSonus Studio one 6 pro is always our companion when it comes to songwriting and recording new songs!!! Amazing DAW for the fellow musician, so easy to work with, and with tons of features and cool stuff to record for days! Thanks a million to Dustin from Fender and PreSonus[…]

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Thanks so much for the review of our new upcoming album “Remains Of A Dead World” “Marios Iliopoulos and (guitars) composed 10 pieces of modern melodic death metal, with an incredible groove and captivating vocals, which convey hopeful messages for the evolution of the genre. Nightrage don’t “camouflage”[…]

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Nightrage – A Throne Of Melancholy (Official Music Video)

Here it is metal heads!!! OUR NEW DIGITAL SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO for our new song: A THRONE OF MELANCHOLY Spotify: You tube FULL VIDEO: Marios Iliopoulos “We love great hooks and melodies, and I feel that this song has these 2 elements that we are always trying[…]

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Konstantinos Togas shout out for our upcoming new single

Check Konstantinos Togas shout out for our upcoming new single “A Throne Of Melancholy” coming this Friday on the 5th of April on all streaming platforms. ALSO ON YOUTUBE: Here is also the presave link for the digital single: #nightrage #metal #melodicdeathmetal #espguitars #seymourduncan #englamps #elixirstrings #ebs #paistecymbals[…]

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Hello metal heads Here is the teaser music video that will be released next Friday 5th of April on Youtube!!!! For our new digital single and video: “A THRONE OF MELANCHOLY” From our upcoming album “Remains Of A Dead World” Stay tuned and do not miss this!!!! ALSO ON YOUTUBE:[…]

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