Marios Iliopoulos

Pic credit : Magnus Ewald

Marios Iliopoulos | Guitar | 16.12.69

Bands: Nightrage, ex –Exhumation (GR)

Influences: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Testament, Thin Lizzy, Death, Obituary, Pestilence, Jimi Hendrix, Eric gales, Stevie ray Vaughan, Xentrix, Sepultura, Pantera.

ESP E/II Eclipse with Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB-1 pickups, ESP USA Eclipse-II with Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB-1 pickups, Orange Brent Hinds Terror amp, Orange Micro terror amp, Presonus Studio One version 2.5 software, Providence cables H101 model, Providence Anadime Chorus ADC-3, BBE Green screamer overdrive, Dunlop “Marios” signature picks Ultex .73, Strings Elixir: 011, 016, 024, 036, 046, 068. Straps: Seymour Duncan and Elixir, Motorheadphones, Toontrack Digital drums, Maxon overdrive pedals, Diago pedalboards, Parkwood acoustic guitars, Jim Nunis “Marios Iliopoulos signature” Guitar, AMT electronics P2 preamp/distortion pedal.

NOT ENDORSED GEAR. Korg Pitchblack stage tuner, Samson AirLine Guitar – Wireless System, Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2, Boss Super Chorus CH-1, Ibanez SD 9 Sonic Distortion, Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah GCB-95, Takamine 12 string electric-acoustic guitar, Levin classical guitar.