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Music Anvil Interview

Thanks Music Anvil for the nice presentation!!!
Marios Iliopoulos talking about our new album
Also answering some really interesting facts, about the bands crazy journey all these years!!!!!!

“In the genre of death metal Nightrage is a standout band that has consistently grown while staying true to its origins. Their recent record, “Remains of a Dead World” exemplifies the bands resilience and artistic flair. We had the pleasure of chatting with Marios Iliopoulos, the founding guitarist and driving force behind Nightrage”

MA: This album features Fotis Benardo as the producer, and he became the drummer after production. How has Fotis’s involvement as a producer influenced the sound and production of the new record?


Fotis is a super talented musician and producer that all these years has become one of the best in the world, cultivating his amazing producing chops in an amazing level, and in my opinion I can say that his level of skills reach the potential talent of Jacob Hansen from Hansen Studios and Fredrik Nordström from Studio Fredman
Fotis did an extraordinary work on this album, at every level, when it comes to producing, engineering and mixing the album and gave his 100%, as he also loved all songs and he believed in the album from the very beginning, we are also so happy that after 20 years he is also back in the band and we can’t wait to start to play shows together and have the most of fun, spreading the name of Nightrage everywhere possible.

Photo by Elena Vasilaki