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We got some more reviews here and we are super happy with the great response so far for our new album.

I don’t want to sound clichéd, but I think what makes “Remains Of A Dead World” so good is that it simply has better compositions. From the opening “Euphoria Within Chaos” to the crushing title track (with its CARCASS-like intro) that closes the album and blew my mind, the record is full of incredibly inspired moments.
Dimitris Benetatos

Finally, “Remains of a Dead World” is another very decent album from the Greco-Swedes Nightrage. True to the teachings of this very enthusiastic genre of music that still moves the masses of both the young and old of the scene. Fast and lively tracks, many head banging parts with plenty and pleasure for the listener of a similar temperament. Respect and only for Marios Iliopoulos who has been fighting for 35 years giving us some of the best moments of Greek metal.
Ioannis Kiourtsidis

Remains Of A Dead World is a testament to Nightrage’s unwavering commitment to their craft. Despite numerous lineup changes over the years, the band has consistently produced quality music. This album is no exception, offering a cohesive blend of melodic death metal that is both nostalgic and forward-looking​​.
Overall, Remains Of A Dead World is a solid addition to Nightrage’s discography, reaffirming their status as stalwarts of the genre. It’s a must-listen for fans and a compelling entry point for new listeners.

They are still on an incredible roll with releasing these absolute bangers, the last one that they put out is an absolute masterpiece and while this is unfortunately no lightning in a bottle album, but it’s a fvcking great follow-up to it. If you’re a huge Nightrage fan, then your wait is up. Definitely check this awesome album out!
Drako Athergoth

With their first Japan tour in 11 years scheduled for October 2024, this commemorative 10th album will be a must-listen for pure melodic death metal fans, with gorgeous twin leads and intense yet lyrical riffs. The somewhat sad death voice of new vocalist Konstantinos Togas (Vo) also seems to fit perfectly with NIGHTRAGE’s melodic death metal sound. It’s a powerful work worthy of this milestone 10th album.
Inoue Koichi