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Metal View Interview

Thanks to Metal View for the interview!!!!!

Marios Iliopoulos and Konstantinos Togas talking about how Fotis Benardo ended being back in Nightrage.

-Speaking of Fotis, he is Greek, he is an acquaintance of the band and an old member. So I guess he put an extra touch on this album too right?

Konstantinos Togas: I have personally known Fotis for a year, and it is as if I have known him for 10. He is a person who shines with everything he does both as a personality and as a musician. We met because of Herta, I had him as an example for what he does, he showed me the way and helped me get into Nightrage, apart from his contribution to the procedures of the new record. At the same time, in what he does, Fotis also prepares some new music of his own. He had let me listen, and I had told him that I would like to sing in it. In general, every time after the studio, I thought how much I would like to play with Fotis. Well, it will finally be in Nightrage since he is now our new drummer (the interview took place three days before the official announcement).

Marios Iliopoulos: Fotis is everything you described, he is a very good friend of mine, I consider him an incredible musician, he played in the band 20 years ago, and when he came to Sweden for “Descent Into Chaos” he left everyone speechless with his playing, since he was much younger. The truth for now is that I didn’t expect this thing to happen either. During a conversation we had about our tour of Japan and South Korea in the fall, we were saying that we would need a drummer, and he suggested that he will join Nightrage. Personally, as much as I wanted to, I wouldn’t want to ask him, so as not to put him in a difficult position and knowing how much busy he is. He’s universally one of the best drummers in metal, and I’m honestly glad to have him back in Nightrage after twenty years. Which, when he announced it to us, Konstantinos and I didn’t believe it, haha. It is also understood that he knew in the production, what we want and how to make it. He is one of the best producers, in addition to being a musician, in the world, at a top professional level, reaching the levels of Studio Fredman for example. Continuing a bit on your previous question, I feel that we have a very strong Greek core, next to Magnus Söderman and Francisco Escalona