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2 new reviews for the new album

Thanks to ROCK HARD GREECE and Metalourgio – Metal Web Radio/Webzine for the 2 new reviews for our new album
The album was produced at Devasoundz Studios in Athens, with Fotis Benardo taking on the role of producer. Benardo, known for his collaborations with bands such as Rotting Christ and NIGHTFALL The production is excellent, with every instrument sounding clear and loud. The guitars sound rich and full, the drums are strong and rhythmic, and the vocals cut through the mix with power and clarity. The mastering was done from George Nerantzis – Sound Engineer/Music Producer who managed to give the album a warm and analog character
Nightrage prove to us once again that they are one of the top bands in their genre, and this album is a testament to their commitment to quality and artistic expression
Vangelis Farris

Konstantinos Togas was tested both outside (some first live in Germany in particular), and inside borders on stage (inside, in the big concert with Elysion and Beyond Perception ) with great success. There Marios Iliopoulos was vindicated for his choice. Tremendously mobile frontman, with strong clean/shredded vocals.
In conclusion, extremely experienced and performs with great comfort for NIGHTRAGE, who really show exemplary consistency in melodic death metal as it should be played, while the inspiration seems to never leave them. On the same serious levels as “Abyss rising”, they overcome the scope of changing singers like it was nothing, they bring the pain and another reason to die-hard fans to love them! I cannot imagine why the orthodox followers of the idiom should not immediately honor it!
8.5 / 10
Yannis Savvidis